Do you know all the things I want to tell you about?

I want to write a Mother's Day post.

I want to write an anniversary post {me & Fred -- EIGHT years, ya'll}.

I want to write a garden post.

I want to show you the invite I designed.

I can still do all of those things, right?

Today I want to show you my view. This is my desk:

Let's see, left to right, we have: a mouse with no batteries; card reader; empty jar; my attempt at organization; nail polish, because DUH; our tickets from Disney World {from November}; and a car Emma made from a crayon box and two wine corks.

I'm not even going to show you my "craft table." Let's all just imagine that it looks like it did in this post and we'll all be happier. 


  1. I'm hearting your graph paper journal.

  2. Yeah, and your desk looks tidier than mine!