It occurred to me that I didn't tell you the names of the polishes yesterday. Also, I cannot take credit for the ideas of the food.

Ulta Polishes:

OPI Polish:

The sushi idea came up when someone at work mentioned it as a program idea. I did a little hunting and found this tutorial. And the neapolitan cake? Totally ripped off from Annie's Eats, only I didn't make a damn thing from scratch and hers looks like a cake whereas mine looked like a pink nightmare.

Completely off-topic, I'm currently battling one of the worst cases of heartburn EVER. I woke up around 11 last night clutching my throat and demanded Fred sit next to me while I writhed in pain and moaned and I think he thought at the end of it all I was going to deliver a baby, so guttural were my moans. He brought me milk and Pepcid and eventually the pain subsided enough that I could consider lying down. This morning I still have that nasty burning in the throat and the desperate need to punch someone. That second item may be unrelated to the first, but I'm rolling with it.


things i want to tell you

It's warm here today. Springlike. I'm wearing flats without tights. At this rate, tomorrow will find me in my bathing suit.

Yesterday I saw this adorable post on pugly pixel about glittery confetti nail polish, and when I found myself quite unexpectedly at Ulta later in the day and spied something similar, I grabbed it.

I painted one nail this morning, squealed with glee, and then painted all of Emma's nails. Because c'mon, confetti nail polish?

It's like my thumb is having a party and no other fingers were invited.

Should we continue talking about nail polish?

I thought the confetti would look fantastic layered over this shimmery polish I bought specifically for holiday festivities but never got around to putting on... but I do have a party to go to on Saturday night...

I also grabbed these two beauties, and I'm thinking alternating fingers with these two colors will look adorable:

Now, onto food. Today, I had both strawberries AND blueberries in my cereal. It was quite patriotic.

And coffee in my new favorite mug that I picked up at WDW last year.

She just needs some bags under her eyes and it would be PERFECT.

More food? Sure thing.

For dinner at a friends' house last weekend, I wanted to do a fun dessert for the kids and a Valentine-themed dessert for adults. I then proceeded to lose every remaining bit of sanity I once possessed.


Yes. That IS candy sushi. The last picture is blurry because all of my nerves were shot to hell at that point.

The next day, I made the biggest, ugliest cake ever:

It was neapolitan. Because I'm insane.