a sunday

A few weeks ago, we set out one Sunday morning on a walk to enjoy the cooler weather. I took my camera -- because of my resolution to take more pictures -- and ended up shooting mostly in the coffeeshop.


finally! new layouts

New month, new designers to work with at Polka Dot Plum! Here are a couple of layouts I've done so far:

This one used Utski Designs' gorgeous Aqua Marine kit. Seriously, there was so much goodness in this kit I had to restrain myself from putting it all on the page.

I used NBK Designs' Swirly kit for this -- j'adore! The swirly letters, the colors... serious restraint here again.


last hurrah

I picked Emma up early from daycare on Friday -- her last day there -- and took her out for an end of summer ice cream cone. We sat in the sun and talked about our favorite parts of the summer, and she leaned against me when the breeze picked up. After finishing our ice cream, we cleaned off our faces and went home.


typical conversation

[Last night]

Fred: Are you excited about tomorrow?

Me: Why?

Fred: September 2, 2010?

Me [racking my brain, already crippled by a headache]: What's tomorrow?

Fred [looking oh-so-smug]: 90210 day. Get it?


Happy Brandon and Dylan Day, folks.

You can have Brandon.


new hair

In preparation for the start of school (next week -- hooray!), Emma had her hair cut into a more manageable style. I love it, she loves it. I want her to keep it like this forever. Plus, it makes for awesome morning bed head.