i blame the head cold

I'm considering posting every day in December. I tried it last year and almost made it.

In the meantime (all 18 hours), here are some pretty pictures to look at.


so now i'm two for three

I have approximately seven minutes before I have to catch a train, so that seems like the PERFECT time to write something. Because they don't call me Ms. Time Management for nothing.

Okay, no one calls me that.

So, I totally made my dad all verklempt with yesterday's post. Between that and the crying my mom did over Emma's video, I am two-for-two in the Plucking Parents' Heartstrings Like a Freaking Harp category.

And now, the real reason I'm here: my hair.

I've got that itch again to cut my hair. Correction: chop. Butcher. Massacre. (It is here that Fred will remind me that JUST THIS MORNING I said I was going to grow out my bangs. Yes, I'm fickle. I can accept that.)

I saw a picture today and I though -- YES! That's how I want my hair. Right. This. Minute. But then I had to go to the library and have a call for work and make some chai (nom nom) so the haircut will have to wait because now I only have three minutes until I have to catch the train.

Here's the picture:

(I found it on a lovely blog called Square Girl, while I was checking out Squarespace to see if I wanted to move over there. I know! I've only been on WordPress like four months. See? Fickle.)

You can't see much of the hair but there's a sense about it. A sense that it would look fantastic with my new cat eye-ish frames that I ordered today.



It's Veteran's Day, and so I felt it would be appropriate to post a pic of my favorite Veteran, my father. My dad was in the Navy during Vietnam, and as a kid, I loved listening to his stories about his trips to Japan. My mom wore his Navy-issued peacoat while she was pregnant with me, and when I was little I would put it on, letting the sleeves hang past my fingers. I loved that he lived on a ship and slept in a bunk and was given a sword as part of his uniform.

Speaking of uniform...

I'm not sure exactly what year this is... 1971? But I can say he looks exactly the same.

I love you, Papa. Thanks for riding on a big boat and telling me all about it.



Emma is five today. Yes, I'm in shock.
(I have no idea if the video loads in a reader, so click on over to the page.)

five years of emma from monkeygirl on Vimeo.