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This was one of my first dig layouts, and I had some issues with masking. I still really like the colors and the titling, and the pictures are awesome.

Making this book for Emma... I've gone back and looked at so many pictures and can't believe the baby that once fit in my husband's hand is now 4 going on 14.



because i'm new. because it's wednesday.

By way of introduction, and also what I hope to be a regular feature, here's what I'm digging this week.


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The Passage by Justin Cronin. Holy smokes. So good -- brilliantly good -- but so sad and disturbing.

(P.S. Do you love to read? Are you on Goodreads? You should be!)


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Californication, Season 1. Love David Duchovny. I'm only two episodes in but it's growing on me. Could do without all the boob shots, though.

Listening to:

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I haven't been listening to a lot of music lately, but when I can plug in my headphones, I usually queue up a random shuffle. Showing up lately have been:

"Around the Bend" - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

"Red State" - Faded Paper Figures

"Feeling the Pull" - The Swell Season

"Tigerlily" - La Roux

Drooling over:

{img via joy the baker}
These ice cream sandwiches from Joy the Baker.


this thursday's page

I'm creating a book for Emma's fifth birthday, all out of 12x12 layouts. They're all out of order with no consistent color scheme, mostly because I'm just having fun playing and learning as I go.

When I saw this kit (Owl Tree Studios Beach Breeze), I knew it would be perfect for our (only, so far) trip to the beach from last summer. I loved how, even though it's a lake, if you look straight out at the water, you can imagine you're staring into an ocean. We haven't been able to visit the beach at all this summer -- our schedules have been insane. But August looks like our month...


coming soon...

I'm hoping to use this as a place to display my digiscrap layouts, as well as anything else that catches my eye.