not actual cash, but gift cards


Wanna see my private, personal ROOM OF SHAME?

Yeah, you know you do. We all love that feeling of "Holy CRAP, that person's a PIG" satisfaction.

Okay, here we go. Presenting: my desk, aka Where the "Magic" Happens.

OK, no. But I had you going there for a bit? Right...? Hello?

Oh, FINE. Here's my desk.


I can't even begin to explain what's going on. People, I found MONEY in there.

So I pulled up my big girl pants and did what needed to be done. I went to IKEA!!

And here's what happened.

I moved my computer closer to the printer. You know, so I wouldn't have to keep knocking over shit just to plug it in. In fact, maybe now it can stay plugged in ALL THE TIME. What a concept.

I also have a designated craft space.

With cat bed underneath, of course. Also, it should go without saying that the upper shelf there is not at all anchored to anything. Because I am both lazy AND impatient, a lethal combination. I also now have a lot of blank wall to deal with...

There it is. And it's much better. In fact, I've written this WHOLE post without messing it up, even a little bit.

Fred gives it 48 hours. And I think he's being generous.


  1. Well, I sure am glad my "Congratulations" banner made the cut when you did your purging.

    Also you don't really need to anchor stuff to the wall in Illinois, right? It's not like in California with the earthquakes.

  2. of course it made the cut!

    and it's not just not anchored to the wall. the brackets aren't attached to the desk and the shelf isn't attached to the brackets.

  3. OK, that's pretty hysterical. The WHOLE thing could collapse with one small shove from Suo!