new order

I heard on the radio this morning that today was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Being the trusty information whore librarian that I am, I had to verify this information before passing it on to you. And a good thing I did, too, since today is NOT the most depressing day of the year. Hooray!

It's next Monday. Oh.

At any rate, I doubt anyone is feeling overly cheery today anyway. So it seems like the perfect time to introduce what I hope to be a regular feature here... a roundup of things I like.

I know. It sounds earth shattering.

Here, let's just get to it and then maybe it will sound less dull. We can hope, anyway.

calligraphy stamp

i'm a sucker for type in decorating

sugar skull charm

"the best things in life are sweet"


There you have it. Some things I liked.

Find more at Pinterest. I'll do my best to stop by here every Monday with some highlights of my latest finds.


  1. LOVE the sugar skull charm! Thanks for being such a trusty librarian! I would have been depressed for no official reason today. I look forward to next Monday. Bring it!

  2. I saw that calligraphy stamp (on Etsy, I think) before Christmas. Love it.