it's tuesday. let's look at some pictures.

In honor of Jennifer's weekly "What's On My Phone?" posts, I'm sharing the same with you. Er, the pictures on my phone. Not hers.


On Friday, I took the train to meet Fred and friends for dinner. The waiter/bartender did not know how to make a sidecar, and I neglected to explain proportions, and somehow he confused brandy with whisky. It was potent. Also, it was not a sidecar.

sunday morning

Sunday was the warmest day we've had all year, and while Fred and Emma went to the park, I took my book and iced coffee to the lawn.

later sunday morning

Upon their return, Emma joined me but demanded shade. It was getting a little warm.

sunday afternoon

After lunch, Fred and Emma washed the car, which necessitated a wardrobe change and demonstration of strength.

later sunday afternoon

While the car was being washed, I took a picture of the umbrella in my hair (which looks precariously balanced), the remnants of our afternoon mai tais. (Emma also got an umbrella in her juice, because c'mon. EVERYONE deserves umbrellas in their drinks.)

monday morning

To herald spring's arrival, I decided to wear a skirt. It happens so rarely I felt I needed to document the occasion.

What pictures did you take this week?

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