MEGA music wednesday

I started running again. Best thing I've done since figuring out the dinner situation. I'm logging my runs on Daily Mile. It's made clear what I already know: I'm a slow runner. Turtle runner. But I don't care because today I ran for 20 minutes straight. First time I've ever done that. About halfway through I realized I was FAMISHED, and later with a minute to go I experienced some serious stomach cramping. If you run, you know this. It's not a stitch, it's not a muscle cramp. It's... well, it sucks. But dammit, I was NOT quitting with a minute left.

In honor of my run, I'm sharing today's playlist. It's my belief that a running playlist should make you want to keep running, should help you get lost in the music and in your thoughts, and your legs just keep moving. Each song on my playlist made me smile when it started. That's an awesome feeling to have -- smiling WHILE exercising.

Originally, I was going to pick my favorite from this list, but I couldn't. I don't have a favorite. I like them all. So instead I'll give you the song that made me smile the biggest when I heard it start.

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  1. running for 20 consecutive minutes ain't easy -- congratulations! :D