hookin' up

It's been way too long since I linked up to Jennifer's Highs and Lows party. 

So, I'm doing this with my week ending yesterday.

  • We had a crazy party in our tiny house with a bazillion people and NOTHING WAS BROKEN. The best part was introducing all of our friends from this part of our life to all of our friends from that part of our life -- and to have them come to us and say we have great friends. To see everyone laughing and talking and eating and dodging the approximately 200 children running around... this is the best part about becoming a grown-up. 
  • There was another visit from the tooth fairy this week. Emma lost a tooth while I was in New Orleans, and this week another tooth was hanging on by a thread. I was able to convince Emma that I could remove the tooth painlessly and she wouldn't have to worry about it. There was much hand wringing and fretting but she agreed and two seconds later I handed her the tooth. Her look of disbelief followed by relief and then exhilaration was awesome.
  • I slept until 9 yesterday morning. Guilt free. 

  • This !@#$% rash. I had to reschedule a massage (I know, I know, cry me a river) because of it and I've felt like a leper every time I go out in public. It does seem to be lessening and I may (MAY) have located the cause. 
  • While sleeping until 9 is certainly awesomesauce, the reason behind it is not. Fred and Emma are in Massachusetts all week, and I won't be joining them until Thursday night. This is the first time Emma has left me and I spent much of last week alternately ignoring then fighting against various emotions. It certainly won't be the last time she jets off without me, but it's the first and I don't like it. Not in box or with a fox. 


  1. I know, I feel like such a dope, but I'm freaking out about my upcoming trip to L.A. and San Diego because I'm leaving Nathan for a week. And the culmination of the week, during which I may or may not be a sniveling emotional wreck, I have a crazy overwhelming blog conference. (I know, a BLOG CONFERENCE ... I too am guilty of the "cry me a river/bust out the world's tiniest violins" thing here.)

  2. Wish I could have slept in yesterday... but nope my little munchkin woke me up at 6:45... yuck! Anyways, aside from the rash sounds like you had a great week! Hopefully you can get it under control and get that massage!

  3. I'm with ya on #1. One of my favorite things in LIFE is having my house crammed full of happy, eating, partying people. LOVE IT!!! :)