tuesday. picture day.

Inspired by Jennifer of Life, Crafts, and Whatever, I'm using Tuesday as a day to show you the pictures I've taken throughout the past week.

emma made crystals with a science kit {christmas present} and took them for her show & tell turn.

this is my fatty. he kept me company thursday morning while i worked.

emma, fred, & i went for a birthday dinner on friday. this is fred's martini. it was a long week for him.

a very sweet coworker gave me a giant bag of peppermint patties for my birthday.

treasures from early morning egg hunt
birthday flowers from a sweet friend
celebratory mimosas
egg dyeing on the deck
goofy birthday girl & adoring husband
in lieu of a cake, we stuck a candle in a stack of squash
sampling her first ever cadbury creme egg
long day

Let's see your pictures!

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