my version

I don't have an exciting life.

I'm a public librarian. I'm married to an academic. We have one (most of the time) mild-mannered child.

Exciting is when I'm home for lunch and can have a grilled cheese sandwich instead of the pb&j I usually take to work.

Exciting is when I paint my nails alternating colors.

Exciting is when our small town DQ starts the countdown to opening day (and what we consider to be the official arrival of spring).

Exciting is when Emma can wear rain boots instead of snow boots for the first time this year.

Exciting is when a song I really like comes on.

What's your version of exciting?


  1. And yet, I find myself seeing what you're up to whenever I see a new post on FB. Exciting is over-rated. I'm just looking for something other than CNN.com to type into the browser when I'm procrastinating. Your photos are much better than theirs and your writing is funnier.

  2. I'm with Audra. Excitement is definitely over-rated! And your writing is funny! (Where's that book?)
    I do like the song and love your nails and wish I were there for the DQ countdown!
    My current version of excitement is to graduate and stop writing this endless dissertation. That's SO exciting, I need a Valium! I look forward to quiet reading moments and knitting to Jane Austen movies. Now THAT is true excitement for me!

  3. Banana Pudding milkshakes from Chick-fil-A. And naps. That's exciting.