and so it begins

Well! Good morning, friends.

It's December first, my cold is (pretty much) over, it's lightly snowing outside, the Christmas lights are twinkling all over town, and I've only chipped two of my nails -- it's a good day!

I'd like to make sure I give you something funny to read, or pretty to look at, or something to think about every day. Which requires a teeny bit of forethought. Not a trait I'm particularly well known for possessing. So good luck to me. (Also, today does not count. Nothing to look at here. Move along.)

One of the things I want to cover this month are the various events that took place this past summer and fall that I didn't get around to telling you about. For those of you who read the old blog, I'll also be bringing some of the archives over and highlighting some of my favorite posts. My overall goal for December here at Paper, Squared is to give you a better picture of me. And to figure out what exactly I'm trying to do with this space. Prepare yourselves. Or not.

I know. You are OVERWHELMED with excitement. I don't blame you.

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