best laid plans and all that

So, I commented on... zero blogs last week. I did try on one, but the site kept rejecting my comment and I got lost in a maze of bizarre comment validation and page resets and I gave up and wept quietly.

Okay, so weeping may be an exaggeration. But I did whine. LOUDLY. My cat was concerned.

I may have also been whining because I was sick, and I'm a terrible sick person. HORRIBLE. MISERABLE. I sigh and moan and whimper. I toss and turn and make pitiful faces at my husband. And mostly, I felt like the underside of a shoe.

On Friday I could barely lift my head, and after being woken up by the doorbell (rung by the UPS man, who, really. Must you ring it six times in a row in rapid succession?) I saw that Shannon was bringing me dinner and had instructed me to stay away from the kitchen!

Shannon is the kind of friend and neighbor everyone should have. She drops off pies and warm loaves of bread on my doorstep, and is always understanding when I have to whine about "The People" and their various "Crap."


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